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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Till The Last Breath by Durjoy Datta

Till The Last Breath by Durjoy Datta
Review: 4.5 out of 5

I am not a big fan of Durjoy Datta. I have read a few of his books - You were my crush, oh yes I am single. They were a disaster. Then came his book, If its not forever. I didnt want to read it. But the title of the book made me read it. I wasnt disappointed. It had love stories with travelling. A perfect blend. The 'my kind' book. So I was in a quandary, whether to read it or not. The name seemed interesting. The cover, it is not that great. But as they say, 'Never judge a book by its cover'. And plot seemed convincing. It gave the impression of drama. And, I hate dramas or literature.

Within a week after the book was out, it was in my hands. I just completed reading Jeffery Archer's Twist in the Tale. After reading a few short stories with twisting ends at its best, I was ready to take on a boring read. That is what I had in my about this book.

The book in my hand seemed alien to me. I didn't see many books with white covers. The front cover blended with the papers inside. Also, the book was very light for a 240 pages book. A riffle through the pages told that the paper was very light weighted - indicated low or high quality, I don't know.

I started reading it.

There are in total five main characters of this book - Arman Kashyup, Kajal Khurana, Pihu Malhotra, Dishyant Roy, Zarah Mirza. Arman is a doctor; Dushyant is a patient, who is at the brink of his mortality, admitted in Arman's hospital. Pihu is young, normal medicine student. But fate doesn't play fair with her. She is affected by a deadly disease ALS. Kajal is Dushyant's ex-girlfriend. Zarah is a trainee doctor, who reports to Arman and who also, in turn, falls in love with Dushyant.

Everyone has a different past. Everyone has a different story. Everyone come from different backgrounds. But they come close together, physically, in the hospital. And closer mentally.

Each character of the book are very inspiring. Fabulous characters created by the author. Nothing like any other of his books.

The book is pretty light and only 240 pages. But the font was so small that it took me more time to complete than I took to complete a 240 pages book. Every chapters states name of a character and that chapter narrates that character's story.

The end was predictable. When I was almost to the end of the story. I knew what is going to happen. But the story was too serious to take light. It is very intriguing and it is what people call 'unputdownable'.

So far the maturest work from Durjoy Datta...


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