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Monday, July 14, 2014

Humanshastrra by Jatin Bharmani

Blurb (from the GoodReads):

This pocket book is an attempt to explain Nature and its creations – human beings and their actions in particular. It highlights and creates awareness among the human race to act in accordance with Nature. What kind of behavior or actions each one of us is required to follow to add meaning and success to our lives. One who reads and follows what is mentioned in this book is bound to become a good and disciplined human being.

My take on the book:
When I accepted to review this book, I didn't expect it to be so small. Well, I know that size doesn't matter but seriously the book is so small that it could be lost in the pocket of your jeans! Literally! Keeping the exaggeration apart, the book is really small. A little bigger than the pocket edition of Oxford Dictionary and way too thinner. I wonder how will anyone notice it in a bookshelf in a bookstore!

Like I have said earlier, I proceeded telling myself, Size doesn't matter.

The book even lacks a backcover blurb. That explains it. It is so small that the reader could read in a go right at the bookstore. He wouldn't need a blurb. However, inside the cover there is a section, 'Note from Author', perhaps that serves the purpose of a blurb, which gives a brief introduction to the book's objective and the author's narrative style. There is also 'Purpose of this book' chapter explains what it ought to explain. After this far the author would be able to gauge the book and ultimately decide on whether to take it home or read it at the bookstore or put it away.

As per my personal view, the author is pretty adventurous. I personally admire him for taking such a risk of self-publishing. Clearly, a move I will not even think of. Jatin ji, you had done a great work in following your dream and venturing into the unknown to fulfill it.

The book was not bad. The author seemed to have many concepts and ideas that seem to form a bond between the life and the nature. Basically, the book is all about making the reader aware the importance of our spiritual connection with nature and its benefits. Due course author had quoted various great people that had occupied few pages, which disappointed me for a bit. First of all the book is too slow - only 102 pages - and on top of it, the author had filled pages with other people's quotes, double-spaced print and large gaps.

Overall, the book is just not bad. Or even worse, depending on the reader. Motivational, as the book is, it little did to me...



Title: Humanshastrra

Author: Jatin Bharmani

Tagline: [hyoo-muhn; shahs-truh]

ISBN (edition I've read): 9789383952045


Read between: 12-07-2014 (one day)

Reviewed for: Pooja Iyer

Publishers: BecomeShakespeare.com

Pages: 102

MRP: ₹ 145   |   $ 10

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