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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Sicilian by Mario Puzo (Mario Puzo's Mafia)

Blurb (from GoodReads):

Michael Corleone's exile in Sicily is ending, but on the instructions of his father, The Godfather, he must bring back to him the young man known as Salvatore Giuliano - if he can find him. At sea amid the treacheries of a brutal and unfamiliar land, Michael must find a way through the labyrinthine deceits that surround him, while Giuliano prepares himself for a final confrontation with Don Croce, Capo di Capi of the Sicilian Mafia. A novel of explosive suspense, heroic action - and evil on an epic scale. In the hands of Mario Puzo's brilliantly sinister talent, the reader comes to know again the terrible magic of the Mafia.

My take on the book:
All these years, I haven't watched The Godfather movie only because I haven't read the book. I didn't want to spoil the thrill. It is bad, of course. So many books, so little time. So many good movies, so many books I don't have. I stick to this rule the best I can. I completed reading The Godfather at the end of last year. It was magnificent in every way, so I saw no reason to post a review about it. Nothing new to be added. Then I watched the movie, I was very deeply moved. Very intense shit Puzo has got going. Ever since I saw the movie, I couldn't get the theme song of the movie out of my head. And then, I came across this rock version of the theme performed by Slash and Guns N' Roses. I learnt it on my guitar and only then I got over the tune.

Now, after a month and a half into this year, I finally decided to read the second installment of the series and get on with the rest of the movies from the series. Surprisingly, this is no second part of the story. This book is a story that goes back to the days of Michael (protagonist) in Sicily. However, the protagonist for this story is someone else altogether. There are parts with Michael in this book, but he is mostly absent. It is Salvatore who takes the story forward. It is mostly about him and I don't think plays much role in the main plot of Godfather. 

Firstly, it was pretty disappointing to get through a book with a very small typeset and almost no considerable spacing between paragraphs, and find out that it was all irrelevant to the story you are actually looking forward. In fact, this story is not even the second part of the movies series.

However disappointing it might be, it wasn't boring at all. I read the book every chance I got and it was no strain at all. Explains exactly why Puzo is the Godfather of narration.

Overall, don't expect much and you won't be disappointed.


Title: The Sicilian

Author: Mario Puzo

Series: Mario Puzo's Mafia

ISBN (edition I've read): 0553252828


Read between: 07-02-2017 to 15-02-2017

Publishers: Bantam Books

Pages: 410

MRP: ₹ 499

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