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Monday, September 8, 2014

Cafe Latte by Amit Shankar

Cafe Latte : Eighteen Unusual Short stories
Guest Editors : Shayantani Dutta sen, Reshma Bhatnagar
Published by : Renu Kaul Verma( Vitasta Publishing Pvt Ltd.)
Pages No. : 1-190 pps.
INTRODUCTION : I am very surprised to look at the personal note ( loads of love), followed my the author's signature , soon I leafed through the book. It some how made me fill special.There is always a subtle magic lingering  around the personal notes . 
                                   As mentioned, eighteen unusual stories are truly unusual, few bizarre, few heart touching, few thought provoking .All the stories are very simple, but carrying a deep message which can transform the readers. 
                                    Here I am just trying to give a glimpse of  all the stories


Temple Of the King: Temple of  the king is a conversation bettwen  a teacher and a student , It's a simple , beautiful story which stuck a chord in me.

26 Down town : The story revolves around two strangers who wait for a train. few strange consequences leave the reader shocked.

Code of honor : This is the story of a army chief  who writes a letter to his son , inspiring him to become a soldier like him. Purely patriotic and beautiful.

The jazz player : I actually didn't understand the plot as the narrative was a little confusing  and I cannot  judge it.

Let me Help You Die : This is  really funny story between a patient and a doctor. The doctor is fed up By the patien's frequent suisides and decides to kill him. What happens next  is the crux of the story.

The Black widow : I can say that this is partly a love story, but the genre suddenly changes  at the climax.

The Lion ,The lepoard and The Hyena : This is a conversation between a boss and his employee which is a little  wired and funny but actually made a lot of sense.

A rose for her : This is the story I loved the most. It's very simple, very short but very beautiful. It's about a boy who Buys  a rose  to his  mother everyday from a girl near his school. The climax  is really heart throbing and lamenting too . It made me shed tears.

The Highway Called life : This story too is very beautiful . It's the success story of a deaf girl who was rejected by her mother and her relatives but her father stood by her and supported her ,giving her  his love and affection.

The choosen One : This  is a funny story actually. It's about a guy who doesn't want to work in his father's undergarmants shop and opts a job in a call centre. What happens next is really funny.

Home sweet home :  Parts of the plot have left me confused , but as the story came to an end all made sense. This is the story of compassion towards other creatures around.

The Other Side : this is about a married working woman ,who has a darkside in her life.This story disturbed me.

The Dream chaser :This story is about a small kid who  is very poor but mad about cinema. One day he decides to buy the  whole show in a  theatre . what happens next is really serendiptious.

The Gaurdian Angel : Another heart throbing story  . No words to say . It is  just to be read and savoured.

Every mouse Ain't a mickey mouse:  This  too is a funny story of a Guy who strives to become rich But ends up in an unusual place. 

Smart TV : Funny one. It revolves around a family . Husband brings a Smart  TV to the house, his wife scolds him but his daughter is happy . What happens when they On the TV is the crux  of the plot

True Lies :  A lamenting but inspiring story of a girl who decides to commit suicide but gains courage and hope by listening to pressing stories of others.

Writer's Block : This is a  funny conversation between a  robber and a publisher. Here lies the reason behind the title of the book.

                                                                              ISBN : 978-93-82711-44-5


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