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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tat Tvam Asi by Pinky Acharya

Blurb (from the jacket):

Life's beautiful moments are all around us, if only one stops enough to notice. 

A random gesture of compassion has the power to reverberate multifold between a pair of strangers, a teacher's passion to fulfill her unsung duties goes a long way to mould a child's personality, a poor carpenter travelling a substantial distance to return a pittance proves his immense wealth of character, and sometimes, your own child surprises you with a maturity way beyond their years. These and many more soul-searching anecdotes are brought to you by Pinky Acharya to stir the spirit into thinking about the finer nuances of life.

Tat Tvam Asi (that art thou) is Pinky Acharya's veridical journey that propagates empathy through inner cleansing. As the title suggests, once realisation dawns that each one of us is a mere drop in the ocean of the Supreme Being - though a tiny extension of the same - it is difficult to have thoughts or perform actions that are unworthy of the Almighty.

My take on the book:
It is remarkably a good book. One book I accepted to review after a very long time. I needed change. Wanted a break from the serious stuff. My reading days are seriously endangered with my present mindset. I needed a true-blue icebreaker.

The cover speaks for the book. Spooky, illusionary images for the design and a Sanskrit title. No doubt, it is something motivational/inspirational, with/without references to the scriptural language.

The book is indeed movational/inspirational - so wanted to be so - without any scriptural references. They are just all the positive experiences of the author narrated in a keen perspective for philosophical lessons.

The basic concept of the book is juicing out philosophical teaching from simple incidents from life. The incidents are so simple, it would've happened in our lives at one point or the other.

I loved the illustrations. Not great, but cute. You know, the kind of cute you refer to when you don't want to be rudely judgemental. It adds a ... I don't know ... maybe, a artistic touch to the story, or what.

I pointedly appreciate the illustrations because I couldn't enjoy the story much. Either they are brain numbingly boring or I am a poor, depressed soul, unable to decipher all the motivational energy the stories could fill me with.

I strictly advocate this book to the type of readers who find motivation from a shading tree or even from a cooing cuckoo...



Title: Tat Tvam Asi

Author: Pinky Acharya

ISBN (edition I've read): 9789383952243


Read between: 12-07-2015 to 17-07-2015

Reviewed for: Marketing WCDE

Publishers: BecomeShakespeare.com

Pages: 115

MRP: ₹ 150   |   $ 6.99

The best deal for this book could be found here:  

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