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Monday, August 12, 2013

Mom Says No Girlfriend by Subhasis Das


I have read it back in 2011 - my early days of reading. When I started to read it now, I had to no idea of the story. Well, I could perceive from my GoodReads review that it must be good (because I have given it a 3 star) and it had a incredible ending (which also I mentioned in my review).

I had this habit of stuffing the books I already read into a cardboard box and preserve them away from the books to be read. I wouldn't have decided to read this book, again, if it wasn't for Subho (the author of this book).

They were the days when I was growing close to the author. Don't ask me how, it is a big story, which I have probably mentioned in some other review on this blog. In simple words, we gelled well with time and he asked me to come up with a detailed review of his book. Well, I couldn't say no to him.

For many days, nothing was discussed about the pact. Even I forgot about the pact with time. One fine day, Subho asked me about the review for his book. That is when I started to search for the books in the cardboard boxes that are stacked with read books.. Two days passed and when the book never unearthed I confessed the matter to Subho. That is when he volunteered to send a copy of his book over. Well, I didn't miss a chance to get him to sign it for  me.

Finally, the author, himself, have sent me a copy of his book across for reviewing, which, already signed, I welcomed with great gratitude. I just hope I would discover a rational reason about my love for authors signed books...

Plot (from the jacket):
Samarth’s life becomes hell after his mother discovers a love letter he has written to a girl at the age of ten. Unhappy with her constant interference in his life, Danny’s music classes become his only solace and as the years go by, make him realize that music is his true calling.

There’s just one glitch: his parents have already planned his entire life for him, and it involves science and engineering. Music has no place in it. Now sixteen, and a rebel, Sam joins a new school far away from home and out of his mother’s reach. Life takes a hedonistic turn for him, with parties, alcohol, love and sex.

A coming-of-age novel, Mom Says No Girlfriend is the heart-warming story of a boy trying to find his place in the world.

My take on the book:
Cover design:
The comical cover design is very much apt to the comical saga chronicled in the book. Especially, the side design design, which is bright combination of yellow, red and orange. When stacked or shelved, the side design is quite a eye-magnet.

Rupa Publishers. Not a new publishers. I have read many book from these publishers. Fortunately, most of them were good. Not to mention, they are publishers of my role-model of Indian authors, Chetan Bhagat. In addition to that, they have published many Ruskin Bond's book, too. So I had every reason to like these publishers.

Above all, my most favourite facet about the publishers are that their books are economical and affordable.

Signature and the bookmark:
It is always a delight to have a book signed by the author. I show it off
with my various of my prized possessions...

The bookmark included inside the book couldn't be actually called a bookmark. Well, it was the visiting card of Subho! It doubled up as a exclusive (exclusive at least from the author) bookmark for the book. It contained all his personal information, so I decided against sharing a image of it here. But trust me, readers, the design depicted on the card had swept me off my feet. It was damn cool!

Story and other aspects of the book:
It has been about two years since I last read this book. Considering my ill-memory, I thought, I would have forgot the story of the book. Well, forget, I did. But as I read on with the story, parts and pieces of the story kept coming back to me. All through the book, I had this deja vu feeling.

The title of the story is apt to the story to some extent. Generally, the mother of Sam, the protagonist, is like any other typical Indian mother. On the first hint that her son is going off-track, she puts a ban to his approached to opposite sex. She always keeps a close eye on his activities and dissuades him whenever she smells something fishy. That is the extent to which the title of the story is apt. Well, it had a ironic indication, at the end of the story.

The rest of the story is normal. It is just the story of college romance, flings and break ups. The only difference is that the narration is a bit funny, humor-filled. The author had his own way with tickling the readers' belly through his words.

Maybe I couldn't enjoy the end of the story because I already know the twist, but it might have a different, mostly positive, effect on the readers, unaware of the land-shattering twist. With the revelation of that twist, the authors leaves the story hanging there, leaving the reader bewildered and letting loose his mind. That was a well plotted end.

Final Verdict:
Overall, the book is an average one. However, it can't be enjoyed by everyone but by those to whom it is recommended below.

Solely this book is recommended to those contemporary loving readers, who find entertain in Durjoy Datta and Chetan Bhagat. Others, who are into serious stuff, should stay aloof from this book, I would say...



Title: Mom Says No Girlfriend

Author: Subhasis Das

Tagline: N/A

ISBN (edition I've read): 9788129117038


Read between: 02-08-2013 to 03-08-2013

Publishers: Rupa Publications

Pages: 222

MRP: ₹ 140

For the best deal of this book, click here: 

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