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Friday, October 11, 2013

Millionaire by Dayal Madan


Those were the days when our mailbox was flooding with book reviews and one such mail was really distinct from others. It read,

I've set up a self publishing company, and my first book is going to be launched on 7th September. I would like to request a book review of my book for your blog. Please let me know the procedure.

The very aspect of self-publishing was pretty new for us. I rarely came across self-published books. Yeah, we reviewed quite a few books from Frog Books, which is a independent publishing book company, but that is a whole different matter. The frog books is maintained and funded by Leadstart Publishing house, a leading publishers in the market. But the story of this book is completely different. There are no maintenance of leading publishing house in the case of this book. I wholeheartedly wish the author, Dayal Madan and the co-owner of the publishing house, Rhythm Books, a very bright future. It is whole lot of hard-work to self-publish one's own book. There were many questions that popped up in my mind and there were many e-mails exchanged between me and the author. Not to forget, he answered each of my question pretty patiently

Thank you and all the best for your venture and the book, Dayal...

Plot (from the jacket):
Billions of people, with zillions of dreams. Dreams that say I want to be rich, I want to see my favorite car in the garage of my beach-house, I want to have everything I want. It’s true that money can’t buy happiness, ‘cause it is happiness. But do dreams really turn into reality? Can an ordinary life be deciphered to extra-ordinary?

Bank balance of hundreds of millions, colossal apartment, resplendent black car, and retirement in the early twenties; he had everything. But it all appeared void to him. He was incomplete without his first and very last vish. The happiness couldn't buy him his vish. Can love be ever so strong that it can overshadow all the luxuries? Is the love he lost ever coming back? What about the promises he made? When he had nothing, he wanted everything. When he had everything, he felt nothing. He was Dev Arora, a multi-millionaire.

Video (youtube):

About the author (from the jacket):
Dayal Madan, twenty-two, currently single and straight, graduated from Dehradun Institute of Technology Dehradun, works in finance domain. He was born in a small town of Nainital district. After spending twenty-one years of his life living ordinary, he decided to come up with something new, and opened up a publishing house along with Gurinder Arora. He also loves to play poker and write raps.

He currently lives in New Delhi enjoying his work. He can be contacted at www.facebook.com/dyal1991 or @dyal 1302 (Twitter).

Our review:
Various physical aspects of the book:
Since the book is self-published, I would like to discuss and get brief insight of the physical aspects of the book.

~Cover design:
It is one trait, as I have also mentioned to the author, of the book that made me choose it over various other books to be read. The colour and the cover pic of the cover is very attractive and I give it a perfect-ten for that.

One thing, I noticed only after keen observation is that the cover pic doesn't depict a tornado but a tiny person viewing through a telescope.

For aptness, the cover pic doesn't account to much. I still don't understand what telescope means, at least not in literal sense. But the currency symbols hold some good value in the stroy.

~Paper quality:
The quality of the paper is not very good. It is as thin as it could get and not entirely white. The one best aspect of it is that the paper isn't stick, and hence, the book isn't that heavy.

~Font used on the cover:
The font used on both front cover and back cover was pretty attractive. Especially the font used to design the title.

~Page numbers:
There are quite many aspects of this book that are pretty distinct from the other others. For instance, take the page numbers of the book. The pages of the book are numbered on every alternate page, with a Roman number. Check the image below, depicting last number page of the book.

The last page of the book. CCIII = 203 (FYI)
~Printing job:
The printing job wasn't done that well either. There were ink smudges in some pages of the book.

~Distributing job:
They are doing good, I guess. I couldn't find this book in the affiliate page of my FK account, though.

Story and other content-related review:
I knew when I started this book that I was reading a romance novel after quite some time gap. Well, Durjoy Datta novels don't come under romance if you ask me. They are romance of next level. Millionaire is romance of the first-level; the crude level; the cutest and sweet level. Unfortunately, I am past the stage when I used to enjoy stories like these.

While reading this book, I was felt like I was back in my noob days of reading. I mean that is when I used to read more novels of this kind. Typically there are two kinds of romances for me - Durjoy Datta kind and this kind (the cute kind). This kind of novels don't excite me, or rather interest me, anymore, I guess. So I have to re-tune myself to a noob-reader, or a sweet-romance lover to judge this book well.

This book has nothing on how to become Millionaire. It is a pure love story; college-romance, to be precise.

There is nothing I could brief on the plot, because the description mentioned in the former half of the review describes it better.

Maybe it is because of my disinterest towards this genre or for some other reason, I felt a few parts of the book boring. Not the entire book, but few parts. Also, various words in the story felt like the author had replaced the former with their exact synonyms found online. They are so out of place that they can't be missed out.

Now coming to the climax of the story, it felt very unreal - the end in reality might have been entirely different, I guess. That is why I come to hate sweet-romances these days. There is a whole lack of reality in them. However, it came as a sudden surprise for me. It was totally unexpected and I must agree, author was pretty innovative in connecting the dots.

Final verdict:
A typical she-broke-up-he-won-her-back kind of story. Nothing more, nothing less.

Indeed recommends to those sweet-romance lovers, unlike me. People who enjoy Durjoy's romances, don't even think of picking this book.


Title: Millionaire

Author: Dayal Madan

Tagline: N/A

ISBN (edition I've read):  9781628403398


Read between: 07-10-2013 to 12-10-2013

Reviewed for: Dayal Madan

Publishers: Rhythm Books

Pages: CCIII (203)

MRP: ₹ 140

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