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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

An Immortal Story by Satyendra Dhariwal

Blurb (from the jacket):

"You might have read many stories, you might have seen many colors of life. But here you will see all colors of life in one story"

Do you have a permanent dream? I know the answer of the majority will be yes. Vinayak(the lead character) had one too. But what if your dream will scatter like a pack of cards and it becomes certain that you can never achieve your goal.

What if you lose someone dear, your studies left in between, unwillingly get married at an early age, have to bear most of the responsibilities and internal strife of your joint family (that too at an early age), hated by your wife and in-laws, lose your health and natural-you and finally find yourself doing an unwanted 3rd grade clerical job.

Is it possible to see another dream now(while pain for the first one still lingers), is it possible to focus when you are struggling for almost everything? The answer is yes. This is a story of a boy who lost precious years of his early twenties just to find out what could be his second dream since from childhood he wanted to do something ‘big.’ He had to fight almost everything to achieve his dream. An Immortal Story is the story of struggle with own, struggle for love, struggle with life, with society and for career. This is the story of tolerance beyond limit. If you are down in any field of life this story will hold your hand, let you up and give the courage to follow your positive side of heart. Welcome to ‘An Immortal Story’–A life-giving tale.

About the author (from the jacket):
Satyendra Dhariwal is a 24 years old guy living in dhandhar; a small village in jhunjhunu (Rajasthan). He lost his interest in studies after 10+2 and never stepped on the sill of college. His mind wandered in uncertainty for a long time until his wife (Vanita) discovered an author in him. He also loves to write poetry.

My take on the book:

Thank you for the signed copy, Satyendra ji...

I don't know the 'life-giving' part of the tale, but it sure did take my life off. I don't want to be rude, but the cover design itself was killing me whenever I saw it. People who have chosen it for the book cover might give various deep-thoughted meaning to it, but what it really is nothing but a boring, discouraging and non-appealing work of art.

Ayush Books. Our first book from them. Never heard of them. Must be new to the market. When I saw their logo I cringed in pain. Hadn't they got more peculiar a colour? Seriously, Purple?! Leave the cover design. Couldn't they come up with a better logo, which is not just temporary, but long-lasting and would depict their stature in the market. Another downer!

The first and the last chapter (31) of the book are the untitled prologue and epilogue respectively. The first chapter thought the language couldn't mask the amateurish narrative. It reminded of my earlier days of reading, when I used to read those college-contemporary-romances, somewhat witty and mostly cheesy. Full of dialogues and details, boring the shit out of the reader. But at least this one's narrative was pretty smooth for me. It flowed like a fluid. That is one positive facet of the book. Another one is the story of writing a book. I always had this liking for books which had writers as protagonist. Stories like where the protagonist struggling his way to the publishers and finally gets to publish his book. They are so likely of me. But then the author added romance to it. A large quantity at that. And the story had down-spiraled.

Like always, another negative is the Hindi dialogues. A few words or expletives are okay, but dialogues? Please, God.

The tagline and other stuff portray that story as the story of a lifetime, which would change your life forever. Or at least that is what author had tried to do. What I actually felt that the author is trying to hint that it is a self-help book. In that aspect, the book would be a whole 'no-no'.

Overall, the book was a over-clichéd, stereotypic read that was well off left for beginner readers.

I hate it when I am contacted to review a book and all I have got to do in my review is to whine about it. Well, what does honest and unbiased (from our review policy) refer to? Maybe I should choosy with books I choose to read...


Title: An Immortal Story

Author: Satyendra Dhariwal

Tagline: 1. A Tale of Tolerance Beyond Limit
2. "Don't miss this life-giving story......"
3. "if you want to know how to chase your dream(s) positively despite of being negative then just dive in."

ISBN (edition I've read): 9789381651780


Read between: 04-05-2014 to 06-05-2014

Reviewed for: Satyendra Dhariwal

Publishers: Ayush Books

Pages: 335

MRP: ₹ 175

The best deal of this book could be found here: 

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