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Monday, December 24, 2012

Anything For You, Ma'am by Tushar Raheja

Anything For You, Ma'am by Tushar Raheja

Rating: 3 out of 5

ISBN (edition I've heard): 9788129119179


This is the author's, Tushar Raheja's, first book that I am reading. I also learnt from the back of the book that he is also the author of another work of fiction titled Romi. I've never heard of that book, though. There is not much to be expected from him. Actually I picked up this book because a friend of mine asked to read it. So here I am writing the review for it... And one more thing, he is another one from those generation of IITians who turned authors.

The whole story deals with Tejas Narula's, the protagonist  ultimate journey to meet his love, Shreya Bhargava, who lives in Chennai. On the verge to take up his journey, Tejas tries all the best possible adventures. Perhaps, misadventures. Tale filled with college misadventures and comic entanglements are a result of the twisted hand of fate.

My take on the book:
First of all, I couldn't help but notice that both the author and the protagonist turn out to be the students of IIT Delhi. And one more thing is that the name of the author - Tushar Raheja - and the name of the protagonist - Tejas Narula - are almost anagrams. The point I am trying to make is nothing. I was just sharing a piece of, probably useless, information.

Other than the story of taking up a journey to meet his love, across the country, the story deals with Tejas's own character and how he met his love. Every paragraph, every sentence is narrated with such a wit that I was amazed at the end of the book. It is not because of a wonderful story but a wonderful narration.

Of course, there are quiet a criticism for the author - and there always has been against Indian contemporary authors. I still don't see any bad against these generation of authors. In fact, I liked Indian Contemporary novels. There is so much content in the whole affair that could be compared with oneself. A rare feeling you could expect from the foreign novels.

Damn the prize-winning novels, yaar. At least for once take a break from those shit filled, unconventional books and read something light and entertaining like this one. In fact, there were quiet a many instances when I found books - many award winners - boring. At the end, it's up to a read to read a book, take twice the time to contemplate what that book meant and then, trying make some sense out of it. I would tell, just leave it, man. Books are meant to give pleasure, not torture.

A light-hearted book. Very entertaining. Extremely witty. A perfect read which would steal you from the current pressures of your life and keeps you intrigued until you notice that the book is over and you can't have same feel of warmth any longer....


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