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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mumbaistan by Piyush Jha

Mumbaistan by Piyush Jha

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

ISBN: 9788129120175


I came to know that the author is a film director and an ad film maker. I was impressed. I always felt that Indian film industry story writers must publish the book version of their movie. That way, the movie would be less graphics and more realistic.

As this is Piyush Jha's first novel, I have no idea what to expect from him. But now, after reading the whole book, I think he deserves a 'hats off'. Each story was excellent and very well written that the respect I had for writers, which downfalled after reading a few 'worst' novels, hiked no bounds.

"Really, man, Piyush. You must continue writing, such wonderful stories."

I am writing this review story-to-story. This book has three crime thrillers and I will be writing the review after reading each story. That way, I could be more honest with the review.

Story One: Bomb Day

There are five key characters of this story. Tanvir, the lead character, a gangstar. Hani, an ACP. Rabia, a run-away from Kashmir and a prostitute in Mumbai's red light area. Zohra, Rabia's prostitute friend. Alamzed, a Paskistani terrorist.

After 26/11, it is rumoured that there is another group of Pakistani terrorists, who stayed in Mumbai, living a life blended with the normal citizens of the maximum city. Now, years after 26/11, Mumbai is threatened of an explosion that would outthrash the previous castastrophe of 26/11 and will be equivalent to that of the hullabaloo created in New York. Mumbai could be spared the disaster only by one person. ACP Hani, who with the hellp of Tanvir, could stop the disaster.

The ACP has a plan and everything goes according to the plan. Or, that is what he thinks. Was his plan coming along or is he just brought to believe so?

With purest love and twistiest twist, Bomb Day is a very good story...

Story Two: Injectionwala

A series of murders take place in Mumbai. The only thing common among the murders is the way they are murdered - with an injection (hence the name of the chapter, Injectionwala).

Later, police finds out a link between the victims. They are all part of a organ trafficking racket. Someone is killing all the corrupt people involved in the organ racket.

When reading, I thought I figured out the ending. That happened when I read the first stroy, too. But in both the cases, I was terribly wrong. The twist at the end of the stories are at its best.

In this story, after few scenes comes a journalical report of the the story so far. The concept of placing a detailed report of the police findings and the expression of the media and public about the injecitonwala is very intelligent. It was very well thought.

Two stories down. After the first one, my feeling was that, this is a good book. Then, I moved on to the read the second. And now, after reading the second one, I feel this is a great book. Cant wait to compelete reading the third one. Hope it doesn;t ruin my expectations.

Story Three: Coma Man

The story starts with a recollection of Samir Khanna gifting a necklace for his wife, Bahaar Khanna, on her birthday.

The next moment Samir is out of Coma - the state he was in for the past ninteen years! He was in Coma for such a long time, so people at the hospital, in which he was admitted in, referred to him as Coma Man - hence the name of the chapter.

With a start, Samir remembers nothing about his past.The quest to know about his past, to know about himself, starts. All he he rememebers is his name, his wife's name and that that day was her birthday.

Like all his other stories, this one's plot was filmy, too. But we Indians love films, don't we?

The perfect end-story for the collection. The order the stories were arranged is excellent. The present story is better than the presiding one.

After reading the first two stories, one would notice a trend in the unexpected twists at the end of the stories. At least I have. And as I expected, the third one also followed a similar twist. Still, it didn't alter the affect of the twist on me.

About the book:
Excellent stories. Mind-blowing twists. Intriguing narrative style. Good language. Overall, a worth-reading-at-least-once read...

I feel like, after reading these stories intently for a couple of times, one can have a mental map of all the lanes, streets and areas of Mumbai, who never once had been to Mumbai in their entire life.

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