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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hungry Ghost by Stephen Leather

Hungry Ghost by Stephen Leather

Rating: 4 out of 5

ISBN (edition I've read): 0671753002


This is a pretty old book. First printed(publish, that is) in 1991. And the book I am holding right now is of 1993. I found it in a closer a long back. My father said it was my grand father's. Since it is old and I believe old book suck, I never got to read this. Then one fine day, when I was deciding what to read next. I couldn't get to decide on one. There were so many good books in the shelf. So I decided to read the one, I didn't want to read. So that is how I came to read this one.

And now, after completing reading the book, I am thankful I read it...

When I was reading this book, I knew nothing of the author - Stephen Leather. I didn't even care to know about him. Come on, I am not the kind to check out the authors of yester-generations. The current generation authors' stories are more relatable and I prefer relatable reads.

However, I read the plot on the back of the book. These were the points, I could make out of them...
*The story of the genre, either, crime or mystery
-It turned out to both and suspense and action and romantic thriller.
*The story is set in Hong Kong.
-Yes, it was.

And nothing else. That was one reason I hated old books. There are so hard to decipher.

This story goes back to the Communists revolution of 1997 and its effect on Hong Kong. Most part of the story happens in Hong Kong. It follows a theme of a dangerous killer, Geoff Howells, probably the Hungry Ghost, who gets pleasure in killing, cracking of the bones, etc, being let free.

As usual, the start was a bit slow and I had a hard time understanding the writing. But just in 50 pages, I got used to the writing and it was just as smooth as butter then on. The writer was one of the bests. Each and every scene was so clear that you will feel like you are watching some movie. Every move, every punch, every kick is described to vividly that when I am reading the action sequence, the hair on my hand stood on end.

This being my first action novel, I don't have much to compare it with and rate.

Interestingly narrated. Vividly described. I didn't come across any book, yet, with such a narration of the fights and the story. With such a powerful writing author, Hungry Ghost delivers non-stop action and suspense...

All in all, the book was a killer. Good start for a Action novel.. 

To top the above all, Hungry Ghost has given me many memories of my late Grand father. So it holds a special place, personally...

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