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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Zombiestan by Mainak Dhar

Zombiestan by Mainak Dhar

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

ISBN(edition I've read): 9789381626924


I am very glad that I came across this book.

It was completely impossible to come across this author, if not because of a reading group on Facebook. Mainak Dhar, I came to know, is a best-selling author on Amazon. In fact, he has already got thirteen best-selling ebooks on Amazon.

After reading this book, I was wondering why such a brilliant writer is not getting the lime light he deserved. Just consider my rating - 4.5 out of 5. It is not a normal rating! I rarely give any book 4 and scarcely above 4, save if the book touched the deepest of my heart. And this book did touch.

A new kind of plague starts to spread around the world. It all started in a small village, in the outskirts of Afghanistan. Then start, it spreads faster than a fire could spread in a field full of hay. Just on the second day of the outbreak of the plague, there are reported spotting of humans turned into some creatures - with sores all over their skin, blood and pus spluttering out of their boils, their skin yellow in colour, with crooked teeth - when the infected bit them. All the zombies - thats what they seemed to the people - performed an act, immediately after transforming - typing a black turban around their heads, just like Muslim terrorists. After all, the whole idea of plan was create terror and avenge the loss of their leader, Osama.

Back in India, there are five key survivors - a US navy seal, trying to get back home, an old history professor, a guy in his late teens, a girl of just about his age and her brother who is three-years-old. They come to know that the key to survive the plague is hidden in the three-year-old kid.

During one radio broadcast, they come to know that high in the Himalayas, there was hope. Hope of surviving from the monsters. Then starts their journey to hope.

Will they get to the place, broad-cast on the radio? Is there really a place like that? Will they able to fight back the monsters? Does the kid really holds the keep for survival and stands a chance of hope?

My take on the book:
With all the interesting aspects, thrills, twists and action, Zombiestan takes you on a 'on the edge of the seat' journey, which will remain etched in your memory for quiet some time.

The biggest honor a book gets from me, is completing it in two days. Considering my snail-pace reading ability and meager amount of time I spend reading, it is handsome achievement made by any book.

The best thing about the story it is that it is very fast paced. The fight against the Zombies and the struggle starts even before the 40th page.

I felt, the author must have had a very imaginative mind to think of such a plot and transform into a story and then, into a book.

This is the second book - after The Road - that touched the deepest feeling of my heart, this week. It is an exaggeration to say that I cried, but when I was almost nearing the end, one scene made tears well up in my  eyes.

Hmmm... Read this book, if you love fast-paced thriller. Others, also read this book. I am sure you will start loving fast-paced thriller, after reading this one....

Overall, a great read and 'hats off' to the author(also the second this week)...


  1. It would be interesting to read Indian Perspectives on zombies and thats why I want to read this book:)

    1. I guarantee you won't regret your decision. In pure desi slang, it is 'Paisa Vasool' kinda book...


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