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Friday, November 15, 2013

Aisle Be Damned by Rishi Piparaiya


Third one-go read of this week. Well, I was wondering, are the book really that interesting or is it that the bibliophile in me is back with a vengeance for all those lost days of no reading?

The other book two books being,

Like many other books we've received from Jaico Publishers, even this one is sent by Marina and I want to thank her for sending this and personally recommending this book. I don't think I would have forgiven myself if I have overlooked this book!

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Plot (from the jacket):
A Hilarious Take on just about Everything Associated with Air Travel.

- Getting seamlessly upgraded to Business Class.
- The hows and whys of micromanaging the pilots.
- Action plans to counter the airlines Technical Snag routine.
- Sure shot strategies for winning the affections of flight attendants.
- Awesome icebreakers to start conversations with attractive co-passengers.
- How smart executives deal with the Walk of Shame to the economy section.
- How a water bottle dramatically improves flight safety.
- Breezing through immigration and customs, always making your flight connections and a whole lot more

Rest assured, your flying experience will never be the same again!

About the author (from the back-cover):
Rishi Piparaiya is an over-worked and over-traveled corporate executive based in the skies, 38,000 feet over India.

Our review:
I couldn't help but comment that the author has chosen a very catchy cover. Men especially pick it up at the very sight of the sexy font used to name the title and well-arranged aisle seats of a flight. Yeah, too attractive seats, I must say.

As I open the book, I came across this annoying stamp across the first page, which is very disheartening to show off...

Of course, it is a review copy, but it is an entirely different thing to have those letters stamped on the very first page of the book!! :(  But then, I turn the page and the sight that lies there is price-less.

Well, not everyone understands the happiness I felt when I first saw those magical words written, rather scribbled, with his signature.

My exposure air-travel is as little as nothing. I did board a flight once. It was a flight from Hyderabad to Chennai. It could hardly be called a flight. I boarded the plane, it took off, as soon as it reached the cruising altitude, it made its descent to the Chennai airport. Damn, me! So I consider I never air-traveled till now. To even such an 'air-travel-illiterate' like me the book was such a page turner!

Actually, I took the first line in the description of the book - A Hilarious Take on just about Everything Associated with Air Travel - damn well lightly. The word, hilarious, didn't have its original effect on me. I ignored that word for the false claim of many books. But believe me this book is what defines that word! I am also certain that this book has the potential to at least extract a guffaw from the Frankenstein's monster!

The language was fluid. Your eyes couldn't help but flow along the words and occasional images in the book.

Speaking of images, it was more kind of a blog post than a novel. The book has got images! And not to forget, those tickly captions to those images which will leave you laughing till you go out of breath.

Beware readers, don't ignore the weight of the first line of the description -  A Hilarious Take on just about Everything Associated with Air Travel. I warn you. It is exactly what the book is about. The author discusses about every aspect from the time you search for the luggage trolley at the Source airport to taking a taxi at the Destination. Every single aspect. And even more, which I prefer not disclosing and recommend you to go through them yourself by getting a copy using the 'Buy this item' link provided below.

Final verdict:
What can I say? The book recommended to anyone and everyone. After all, a five-stars from Sundeep is as rare as a Nicolas Spark's novels sans romance. I must say, everything about  this book is just awesome and you shouldn't delay anymore time reading this review. Click on the 'Buy this item' button below and order your copy of this heart-lightening book.


Title: Aisle Be Damned

Author: Rishi Piparaiya

Tagline: Swaying hips, praying lips and flying tips

ISBN (edition I've read): 978184954654


Read between: 15-11-2013 (one day read)

Reviewed for: Marina Fernandes

Publishers: Jaico Publishers

Pages: 214

MRP: ₹ 250

The best deal of this book could be found here: 

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