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Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Salesman's Lessons by C.R. Jena


Like many other from Leadstart, this book is also sent by Parag Mayekar. He has this bad habit of sending in books without intimating beforehand, nor afterhand for that matter!

I have asked him not to sent books without informing me. There might be book I am not interested and wouldn't want to review. But no. He repeats the same with another of this book. So I gave up my effort to make him understand and decided to write what comes into my mind.

Hey, Parag, do remember. If I am rating this book low, it is your doing.

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Plot (from back-cover):
What is the ground reality for a Salesman? Do the various laws, theories, hypotheses, anecdotes and sayings of science, mathematics, literature, engineering, management, history – in fact, everything that we painstakingly read and absorb in order to gain our college degrees before we start working, equip us for field situations when we actually go into the all–too–real–world of Sales? Can we really use the academic learning we struggled with and paid so much for, to sell better? Are there certain factors (which do not appear in the pages of any college or business school text), that are crucial to success in Sales?

In an engaging narrative based on his won 15 years in the field, the Author explores the answers to just these questions. The book is light reading and fun but the lessons it contains are both down-to-earth and serious. This is not a self-help book to make you a Sales champion, but if you do pick up a few tips along the way, then that is a double whammy!

Our review:
The cover design of book is nothing but simple. It is very subtle. The shade chosen is smooth. The design is puzzling - people who are not interested about the topic of the book, then they could solve the little puzzle on the cover. Actually, above all, I loved the embossed imprints of the objects on the cover. Now, when I am reviewing this book, my hand is brushing, feeling the texture of the messy design on the cover. I hope to have something like this on one of my books, when I get published.

The introduction of author on the first pages of the book states that C. R. Jena is the author of a already published book, named 22 Things You Should Know About Indian IT. So there is no 'About the author' for this review.

Apart from that, the book seems pretty legible. The narration is very easy. The illustrations are equally tempting. 15 years of experience in Sales is not a small time period. I am sure it will be of some help for those who are pretty much into sales and are devoid of some professional guidance.

Final verdict:
Like I have said earlier, it might be of great help to those who seek expert's advice/guidance in the field of Sales.



Title: A Salesman's Lessons

Author: C. R. Jena

Tagline: What I studied is what I failed to see

ISBN (edition I've read): 9789381576441


Read between: 01-12-2013

Publishers: Leadstart Publishers

Reviewed for: Parag Mayekar

Pages: 210

MRP: ₹ 195   |   $ 10

The best deal of this book can be found here: 

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