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Monday, January 27, 2014

New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Donald Thomas


It has been sometime since I reviewed a book. 17 days, perhaps. So it feels pretty weird typing this. It is like I have lost the touch. I just hope it goes well.

This books was sent to me by Marina, from Jaico Publications. It is one of the three Sherlock Holmes book I have received to review. The other two were,
Basically, I never read Sherlock Holmes. My only exposure to his stories were when I was in my seventh grade - or maybe sixth, I don't actually remember - I had a non-detail text book, "The Hound of Baskerville."

However, I recently learned that it was a abridged adaptation and not the original version. Anyways, what is the difference? The words. Nothing else. Same story. Same characters. Same thrill. Same climax. Same twist. Same end.

At the end, I decided to read this book on the assurance of the other author of the blog, Srinivas, who had assured me that Sherlock Holmes stories have little connection between themselves. Well, indeed, he is true.

Blurb (from the jacket):

Were the hauntings at the Elizabethan manor house of Bly a vision of the walking dead, perhaps, rather than delusions of Miss Temples tormented mind? Or could it be that a criminal conspiracy is to blame for the psychic phenomena, as well as a second murder cunningly concealed in the past?

In the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the indefatigable detective, and his assistant Dr. Watson, will track down the perpetrators through the occult underworld of Victorian London.

Next, on the eve of World War I, he is confronted with fraud and forgery at the Royal Navy Academy in The Case of a Boys Honor. Back in London, behind the scenes of the Herculaneum Theatre in the Strand, The Case of the Matinee Idol embroils Holmes and Watson directly in an apparent on-stage murder. How did poison get into two Shakespearean goblets when only the victim, now dead, had access to them and the most likely suspect was a mile away with an unbreakable alibi?

Our review:
Firstly, I had to choose between the three book, to read first. I assessed the titles, 'The Execution of Sherlock Holmes' was voted out. Then I couldn't settle upon one book between the remaining two. Not to mention, all three books were published in the same year. Then came the assessment of the cover design. In terms of cover design, the present book had won my heart.

The cover picture is very simple, but there is classiness to it, which persuaded me in choosing this book.

When it comes to stories, I didn't quiet like them. There were four stories in the entire book. The font was small and the language, discouraging.

Recommended to Sherlock Holmes. Crime lovers wouldn't be satisfied as much.



Title: New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Author: Donald Thomas

Tagline: N/A

ISBN (edition I've read): 9788184954357


Read between: 22-01-2014 to 23-01-2014

Reviewed for: Marina

Publishers: Jaico Publications

Pages: 364

MRP: ₹ 250

The best deal of this book could be found here:  

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