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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Turning Point (Best of Young Indian Writers) edited by Nikita Singh

                                                      The Turning Point edited by Nikita Singh
                                                              Wisdom Tree, New Delhi
                                                              Page Numbers : 1- 201 pp.

Stories By :Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan * Durjoy Datta * Juda Balan * Harsha Snehanshu * Shoma                            Narayanan * Parinda Joshi * Atulya Mahajan * Nikita Singh.

 Insert a Carrot  ( Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan) : Insert a carrot , no doubt seems to be cheesy and speaks of a hidden meaning ,so is the story. It's an adult conversation between two friends ,who speak about  their boy friends. I was embarrassed to read  the cheesy , perverted conversation between two girls. It's because of my conditioning that only boys are perverted and have a conversation full of vulgarity. 

                This story through some light of how the girls in this generation are advanced and almost stand equal to men in this corporate world.

The English teacher (Durjoy Datta) : This is a story of a boy who has entered his adolescence, who is high on his hormones. All he wishes is to satiate is carnal desires , his amorous fantasies towards his English teacher who is already married . He is full of lust and always behind his English teacher .The malicious desires to enjoy his English teacher are always haunting him.As time moves, he enters college, then into a company holding a good position but  his fantasies ....they are still there.\
                  This story tells us how one's desires can fuss up with our life and make us a villain.

The Return of the (original) Vampire(Juda Balan): This is a story of a vampire ,who wants to satiate his thirst by the blood of a beautiful girl but ends by falling in love with her. 
            I could only understand this much , because many parts of the story were esoteric and the clause and phrases were a little bit complicated for me to understand due to the narration which was a  bit confusing.

The Summer Showers( Harsha Snehanshu): this is a sweet love story between two youngsters ,written ,narrated ,expressed  with lot of humor in a fresh style which I loved the most .

The X-Boss (Shoma Narayanan): this is a funny , surrealistic story of a Boss and his employer . speaking  few more words will kill the surprise of the story. 
 An Unlikely Accomplice(Parinda joshi) : This is the story which I didn't fathom at all , The narration turned out to be a little complicated and the plot was also very lamenting.

The U-Turn (Atulya Mahajan) :  This story is about a person who's wife is about to deliver their baby and he was filled with insecurities about how to handle his new child.Not knowing how to choose his priorities.

A Whispered Prayer( Nikita Singh) : This is the story of a rape victim , who her life has changed  after that incident. How is able to fight back ,staying bold and strong with the help of her boyfriend.

           This story actually disturbed me so much. I just couldn't imagine my self in the protagonist't shoes. The story  speaks of how the society should change it's perspectives towards the rape victims.

 NOTE : ALL the short stories actually do not have a strong plot  but they have strong thoughts, sharp ideas which are thought provoking and make the reader think for a while.
                                                                                                                         ISBN 978-81-8328-356-4


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