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Sunday, August 24, 2014

V for Vendetta by Alan Moore, David Lloyd (Illustrator)

Blurb (from GoodReads):

"Good evening, London." It's nine o'clock and this is The Voice of Fate... It is the Fifth of the Eleventh, Nineteen-Ninety-Seven...

"The people of London are advised that the Brixton and Streatham areas are quarantine zones as of today. It is suggested that these areas be avoided for reasons of health and safety...

Police raided seventeen homes in the Birmingham area early this morning, uncovering what is believed to be a major terrorist ring. Twenty people, either of them women, are currently in detention awaiting trial...

The weather will be fine until 12:07 A.M. when a shower will commence, lasting until 1:30 A.M... 

Have a pleasant evening."

A frightening and powerful tale of the loss of freedom and identity in a chillingly believable totalitarian world, V for Vendetta stands as one of the highest achievements of the comics medium and a defining work for creators Alan Moore and David Lloyd.

Set in an imagined future England that has given itself over to fascism, this groundbreaking story captures both the suffocating nature of life in an authoritarian police state and the redemptive power of the human spirit which rebels against it. Crafted with sterling clarity and intelligence, V for Vendetta brings an unequaled depth of characterization and verisimilitude to its unflinching account of oppression and resistance.

"Remember, remember the fifth of November..."

My take on the book:
I am going to write this review same like the one of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. I had read the book, then watched the movie and decided to write the review comparing both,, because there are little flaws with the book itself.

This book is an except to my undocumented vow of 'Reading the Printed Word First.' I had seen this movie a long ago, when watching movies were just an hobby and I wasn't a much of an observer back then. Now, I watched movies with much deliberation, following and noting dialogue by dialogue. So back then, when I watched this movie, I liked it for it's punches and explosions and of course, bringing swords to a gunfight. But not for the story itself. It doesn't count as I had watched the movie. Also because the moment I started reading this book, it was fresh to me. There was no collection from the movie, as much as that the heroine is Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman! How can I forget that!? But still, I did, and it was for good.

I only get the chance to own very few Graphic Novels for their high prices. If it hadn't due to deals and offers at CupoNation, which had provided unbelievable discounts on Graphic Novels from various sites around the web, I wouldn't have got the chance to own this book, not in my dreams. Why I didn't come across this site all this while! There are numerous Amazon coupons worth checking out.

"Remember, Remember. The Fifth of November..."

Thank God, I came to read this book and watch the movie, again. I came to know it was not another Joker mask. It had a face, which had a name, which in return had a history, on which this book had its very foundation! Guy Fawkes. Yeah, that's name of the face on the mask. Google for more information about him, but I can't overlook appreciating the author for building a tale on such less known story - or is it very well known? However, the author needs a great deal of lauding.

Novels have classics. And if Graphic Novels were to have classic, this book is it. Classics in Graphic Novels and Novels, in general. The story is timeless. Though, it is plot in England, it is regionless. It is lot more than just a story. It is a political satire that could retained and related to more or less all the political situation throughout the world.

Like always, the movie is highly varied than the book. However, the Wachiwski Brothers had tried their best to match the frequency of the story of the book. I was shocked when I couldn't note Alan Moore's name on the rolling titles at the end of the movie. Further research thought me that there was some dispute between the filmmakers and Alan Moore, so his name was not included in the rolling titles. For more information on the dispute, Film Adaptions part in Alan Moor's Wiki page.

Alan Moore in the letter included in the start of the novel apologized for the initial ambiguity the story delivers. Well, the started was ambiguous. I was struggling to keep up with the pace of the story, but soon was left behind. I took sometime to catch up and get along, from when the story was pretty good. I got the rapport and didn't lose it the rest of the way.

There were little descriptions. Change of scene were very abrupt and only a liner adored the top of the panel that mentions the date and place. That is the major aspect that confused me a lot.

Other than, it was a movie. Even the narration is flown like a movie, like they were writing a screenplay. It would be great if there is a serial on this novel, issue-by-issue.

And then, finally, the dialogues. Dialogues were the most notable of this novel, as well as the movie. Of dialogues, I liked the celluloid version better. They were short and strong.

How is this -

Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof.

And how about this -

Did you think to kill me? There's no flesh or blood within this cloak to kill. There's only an idea. Ideas are bullet-proof.

The former is from the celluloid and the lateral is from the books. And you decide for yourself, which is better.

Overall, the book needs a lot of attention to it, to fully enjoy it and I suggest you only watch the movie after reading the Graphic Novel. A must-read-classic...



Title: V for Vendetta

Author: Alan Moore, David Lloyd (Illustrator)

ISBN (edition I've read): 9781401208417


Read between: 18-08-2014 to 23-04-2014

Publishers: Vertigo Comics

Pages: 296

MRP: ₹ 1150

The best deal for this book could be found here:  

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