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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Colours of Life by Ashwani Tyagi


Well, I don't know who sent this book. Of course, I didn't buy it. Someone must have sent it for reviewing. But I don't know who.

There was no mail asking for whether I will review. No mail asking for my address. But the courier was addressed to me. So someone who knew my address must have taken liberty to send the book without prior information. Someone, who had send many books earlier.

This book is published under Frog Books, an self-publishing imprint of Leadstart Corps. Well, then it should have to be from Leadstart Corps. The same people who sent the book listed on this page...

Firstly, I thought of not reviewing this book. Later, I was mellowed and considered reviewing the book for the sake of the author, if not for the publishers.

Blurb (from the jacket):
Rishi is a fun - loving, happy - go - lucky guy with no particular ambition. The professional college changes many things. He gets into all those habits which are perceived negatively by society. He goes so deep into those activities that it starts affecting not only his health but also his studies. During the course he is also acquiring the skill sets which may be useful to him in future. 

In his bad times he needed the support of his family, friends and girlfriend. 

The question is Does Rishi come out of all that? Does he find any support from family and friends? Does he find the girl of his dream? Does he really learn anything in all those years of highs and lows? 

Life is going to teach many lessons to him. 

To know more, read The Colours of Life.

About the author:
Ashwani Tyagi is a professional with 16 years of experience with Information Technology and financial sector companies. He has worked for companies like Max New York Life and Axis Securities (Axis Bank subsidiary) where he was Head of Retail Broking Sales. Presently he is working as Deputy Vice President Business Development with Shriram Housing Finance Ltd.During his professional career Ashwani has gained rich experience in Sales, Business development, Channel management and Marketing. His team and colleagues continue to recognize him for his Team Management and Relationship Management abilities.Ashwani is an Engineer and has done his PGDBM from Mumbai. Originally from Ghaziabad (U.P.), the better part of his life has been spent in Mumbai where he lives with his wife and child.

My take on the book:
Basically I loved the cover design of the book. The depiction of the face is the spoiler. It wiped out all the liveliness in the cover design. Actually how much I loved the cover design, sided with the colourful title, everything is spoiled. Only because of the stern-looking, animate depiction of a fictitious character.

I was happy for the width of the book. Though, in terms of length, the book was pretty tall, its width was very small. It hardly had 110 pages in it. I was further europhic when I learnt that there are 29 chapters enclosed in such a slender book. That averages to each chapter spreading for about 4 pages. I looked at the font. It was of good size too. It would be a breeze, I though. It indeed was a breeze. Much shorter breeze that I had expected.

It was almost as similar as my previous read, Life's Like That. Both are normal stories. Both are contemporaries. Both had the same, amateur narrative style. Same =, amateur language. The language of a layman.

I wouldn't waste anymore of your time briefing how I hated the read.

In short, after read this book, I thought to myself, One day of reading wasted. Especially, this being a Sunday!



Title: Colours of Life

Author: Ashwani Tyagi

Tagline: N/A

ISBN (edition I've read): 9789383562015


Read between: 09-02-2014 (one day)

Publishers: Frog Books

Reviewed for: (probably for)Parag Mayekar

Pages: 107

MRP: ₹ 125   |   $ 5

The best deal of this book could be found here:  

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