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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Life's Like That by Prashant V. Shrivastava


They were the first of the days, I was rejecting books for reviewing. The days when I started to read non-review books, books of my choice, for a number of books review-books I read. Like, I read a book of choice (non-review-book) for every three review-books. 

Due to this addition to my reading regimen, the books to be reviewed (tbr) stack was elevating to a level that, I couldn't keep up with it. So I was rejecting new books. However, dueing that time, I accepted a few books, too, but only if they had a very interesting plot.

That is about the time, when I received a very short mail from the author of this book. Its subject read, Review request for Life's Like That.

Even the content of the mail was very short. It said, that he had got his first novel published and a link to know more about his book and a question, whether we would review his book.

Later, we accepted to review his book on the term that we couldn't commit to a time before when we could review his book. Well, finally, now, I am reviewing it.

Blurb (from the jacket):
Set in the beautiful city of Udaipur, this love story is filled with everything, jealousy, one sided love and betrayal. Amit gets approval of Preeti, his love and Ishita, who unknowingly helped Amit gets involved with Sankalp. The story moves on with ups and down of college life.

A nicely flowing story takes turn when opulent guy Shekar comes into the picture who is not only rich but intelligent. Unlike fairy tales, the love starts to take a backseat and money takes the charge.

Do dreams shatter when they meet the harsh reality? can waves of love survive having hit by the shore of wealth? can love still be based on fairy tales where money cannot distract?

Remember its money that is running the world, love is only Art of life. So what wins and what should win?

Our review:
The cover design of the book can't be the best work, but it was appealing. Though I recommend against that bright red background, which perhaps gives the impression of a B-grade Mills & Boons, the cover design was good.The cover design would earn 2 out of 5.

When I started this book, I was happy to look at that big font and the double-space between the paragraphs. But my happiness was very short-lived. The story turned out very boring.

I wasn't expecting a Booker Prize competitor. But at least the story must have a aim, a point. The story of the book has neither point nor aim. It just goes on as if a diary. Yeah, I felt like I have reading someone's diary. It had everyday situations and I felt like, why read this book?

About the language I don't want to comment. I have always been a simple-language lover. But this simple, I felt like someone was talking to me. Not narrating a story. It was like as if someone was giving me a lecture. There was not a word that I didn't know. Considering my very limited vocabulary, that is a very literary-shame for the book. But then some people might enjoy this narration. Especially someone who is new to reading, might love and understand this kind of narration, and story, greatly.

Actually this book, this bright red thing that I am holding, is a dilemma when it comes to recommendation. I feel that people who are new to this reading thing might enjoy it. Maybe, people who love usual college romances also might love it. But then I am uncertain. Or maybe it is my fault expecting some point, some hidden meaning, something worthwhile in this book.

In the end, I leave it to the readers to whether or not to read it. The rating mentioned below is only my feeling about the book. Like it always is, Everyone's tastes differ from everyone else.



Title: Life's like that

Author: Prashant V. Shrivastava

Tagline: N/A

ISBN (edition I've read): 9781629517421


Read between: 07-02-2014 to 08-02-2014

Publishers: Black Buck Publications

Reviewed for: Prashant V. Shrivastava

Pages: 221

MRP: ₹ 150

The best deal of this book could be found here:  

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