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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Edge Of Desire by Tuhin A. Sinha


I have won this book in one of the author interviews by Subhasis Das. Tuhin Sinha, himself, had sent this to me via a online shopping portal.

I have received this book a long while ago. But due to some misunderstanding, the reviewing of this book was delayed.

However, now, after reading the book, I regret stalling reading this for so long!

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Blurb (back-cover):
Can a woman's humiliation change the destiny of a nation? It did in the Mahabharata. And it does, once again, in the lawless Bihar of the 1990s...

When journalist Shruti Ranjan, newly-wed wife of the Deputy Commissioner of Kishanganj in the lawless Bihar of the 1990s, is brutally raped by a ‘politically sheltered local goon’ all of her attempts at getting justice are crushed by a corrupt and complicit state government. That’s when the charismatic Sharad Malviya, a leading member of the Opposition party, offers her an unlikely solution: his party’s ticket to contest the Lok Sabha elections. 

Left with little to choose from, Shruti agrees, only to realize that being catapulted to an enviable position of power in an all-man’s world comes at a price. Caught between her mentor and her spouse – both upright but ultimately flawed men – and a host of envious others who continue to cast aspersions on her character, she struggles to address the larger problems of the country.

Taunted for being a 'Draupadi' she makes the curse her identity and resolutely fights her fate...

Our review:
Though, the cover pic of the book has the appeal of a non-fiction, there is something dark and lecherous about it. I would doubt I would pick this up if confronted in a bookstall. It is easy to overlook as a non-fiction. But its sight-cover is pretty attractive considering the front cover. The especially liked the embosses characters of the title of the book. 

Hachette India. Lately, I have been stumbling upon various book from this publishers. Though, I don't know much about them, they come across a rising, and rapidly at that, publishers in the national market. Hope to read more good books from them.

Other than this one, I have read another book from Tuhin - That thing called Love. I must say that he is very sensitive an author, always plunging into sensitive ordeals of human life. But during those days, when I read this other book, they were the initial days of my reading and my preferences were more to Durjoy Datta than sensitive writers, I rated that book only one star. Now having matured in reading, I genuinely appreciate the effort made my the author in that book.

The back-cover blurb of this book pretty interesting. It seems sensitive in itself. While it is one thing to write a tale spun around the maze of politics, it is a totally different thing for a man to write a story with a woman as the protagonist. There is always this gnawing feeling of whether he is getting it all right. Whether he is doing his best in portraying the same plausible emotion. Whether he is justifying the actor, in the first place. So for that I really have to appreciate the author's effort.

Then comes the tale. The author must be very daring to choose such complicated and way sensitive topics. Politics. Women. Rape. Apart from that, the author's demand over the happenings during that part of the time, when this tale took place. I couldn't help but admire the author who do extensive research before or during writing a book.

I must say, it is a extraordinary tale. Though I started with a half-heart, I was entirely hooked to mere magnificence of the tale. Though the narration becomes slagging at times, the author pretty much makes up to it as the reader approaches the end.

Final verdict:
Tuhin Sinha is a gem of a writer of these days and his works are pretty much notable.


Title: The Edge Of Desire

Author: Tuhin A. Sinha

Tagline: N/A

ISBN (edition I've read): 9789350094433


Read between: 07-12-2013 to 10-12-2013

Publishers: Hachette India

Reviewed for: Subhasis Das

Pages: 317

MRP: ₹ 195

The best deal of this book can be found here: 

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