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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Moon Wants To Be Spotless White by Priya Narayanan (Author), Suhita Mitra (Illustrator)


Off late, I had noticed, I had stopped writing Forewords. Well, I just realised little need of them and they held little interests to our readers, who read the post just for the sake of the rating and review.

However, after some time, I am back with another Foreword about why I stopped writing Foreword. It didn't seem like no one's pays heed to this part of the review. A couple of our readers had actually contacted us inquiring about the absence of Forewords.

I personally thank them, and the others, for their love for this section of the review, if they do.

This marks the first Children's book we have ever received for reviewing. In fact, it is also my first Children's book. So I have very little to compare this book with and judge it. Everything stated in this review is judged broad-minded, comparing with nothing.

When the author had contacted us to review her book, which is a "Children's book", I was open to freshness, so readily accepted it. The author replied back emphasizing on the "Children" part and asking for re-confirmation. This was her reply when asked about her extra-emphasis part,

However, I'm stressing on the fact that it's a children's book because there was this book blogger who approached me to review my book, was given ample warning that it was indeed a children's book for 5-8 year olds and when he finally got the review copy he wrote to me saying 'yeh to children's book hai!'

Funny these greedy reviewers...!

So goes the review...

Blurb (from the jacket):
The vain Moon is devastated when he finds out about the dirt patch on his otherwise pristine white self. He wants to be scrubbed and cleaned by Dhobi Kaka to regain his spotless beauty. The moon cunningly manipulates Mitu into helping him out in this mission. 

But how will mitu get the moon down to be cleaned? 

Will kaka be able to restore the moon s spotless beauty? 

Will mitu be turned into an owl for not keeping her promise? 

Join in the fun-filled adventure of the Moon, Mitu and Dhobi Kaka, as the trio set out on their mission to help the Moon become spotless.

Our take on the book:
The concept of the story is pretty simple. A girl feels sorry for the first patch on Moon's face and takes it upon herself to make her spotless white. In her quest she takes the help of Kaka, the local launderer. Will they succeed in their pursuit? So goes the story.

Though, thin, the book made it up with the length and breath. The thing is, I took a half an hour extra to complete reading this than I had expected.

It must sound ridiculous if I mention people can read it one-go. Well, aren't children's books meant to be like that - short and fascinating?

And comes the illustration. What is a Children's book without colourful illustration? That is one reason I always mention the name of the illustrators in the title of the book. They have a great deal of positive influence on readers, that's certain. The illustration in the book are painted rather than graphiced, giving a more artistic value to it. I loved the illustrations...

The message conveyed by the tiny tale is pretty good, all the same not being too sententious.

Being my first exposure to Children's stuff, I pretty like the book and am looking forward for more of these... :D



Title: The Moon Wants to be Spotless White

Author: Priya Narayan, Sunita Mitra (Illustrator)

ISBN (edition I've read): 9789381576342


Read between: 05-04-2014 (one day)

Reviewed for: Priya Narayan

Publishers: Leadstart Publishers

Pages: 46

MRP: ₹ 150   |   $ 10

The best deal of this book could be found here:  

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